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What is InstallFest?

InstallFest is a semesterly event to assist others in installing Linux on their computers.  These are normally held within the first two weeks of the beginnning of each semester.  See either the Event Calendar link above or keep an eye open for poster announcements.

Bring either a laptop or desktop, we'll have have room for both.  Heck, we'll even assist you in rooting your Android phone or tablet.

Who are you?

If you are just curious about what Linux is, come by!  We'll have some demo computers setup so you can try it out before doing a full install.

Need assistance installing?  Installing an operating system can be daunting, drop by and we'll give you a hand.

Old hand at Linux?  Come by and hang out with other Linux nerds.


Please back up your data before coming by.  While most of us have installed Linux many times, there is always that slim chance something doesn't go according to plan.  In these cases we don't want you to lose your valuable data.  Note that normally everything goes well, in 4 years I've been here we've never had anything go wrong.