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About Us

The ACM/LUG campus group is two seperate groups rolled into one.  There is the Association for Computing Machinery and the Linux Users Group.  Here's a little more about each of these groups.


Association for Computing Machinery

The ACM is a professional society for Computer Science majors and others interested in areas of computing.  Specifically, it promotes the education and advancement of its members.  Full members get access to a large, online digital library as well as access to its own monthly publications.

On campus activities of the ACM include weekly presentations on topics related to computing.  These presentations are held on Tuesdays at 11:00am in McLaury 205.  For a list of upcoming presentations topics, see either the Events Calender (link in the top tool bar) or the posted announcements around McLaury.


Linux Users Group

The LUG exists to educate and provide support for the free operating system Linux.  If you are an inexperienced Linux user and are in need of help, feel free to contact any of the LUG members, we are here to help.

In addition, the LUG also holds a semesterly InstallFest where anyone can bring in their computer and recieve assistance in installing Linux.  It is normally held at the beginning of the semester, so check the calendar link above or keep an eye out for posters.  Some of the weekly presentations (for more info, see above) are given by LUG members and cover various topics in Linux.