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Advanced Intro to Linux

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Advanced Intro to Linux

Playing Music from the command line
-Use a program called mplayer
-Syntax: mplayer <location of file>

Connecting to the Internet
- Network Manager can be evil and worthless
- usr/shared/doc location holds the documentation for packages (very useful)

- Can be used to browse the web
- Not pretty unless you can view pictures
- links2 is a more pretty web browser that can autodisplay images. 

- Can be used to split the screen in command line for multiple workspaces

- Another screen splitter but easier to use than Screen
- Can be used inside of a terminal 

- An instant messenger program without a GUI

Compiling from Source
- Use: ./configure to look around to make sure that you have all of the righ files
- "make" command will compile the files in a location into a binary
- "make install" will copy files over to where you tell it to
- pkg-config --modversion <package name> will tell you what version of software libraries you have installed

-Secure Shell it can be use to access your home directory on the lab computers
- syntax: ssh <Your ID Number>
- You can publish a message to all users on a machine with: wall <Your message>

- Easy way of file transferring
- syntax: scp <file you wnat to copy> <id of person> (puts it into the home directory)
- Don't forget to type exit
- Ctrl+d will usually get you out of programs or Ctrl+c